Best Balance Winner at NATA: Sara Wright

Sara Wright, a certified athletic trainer at Libertyville High School, won a new Apple Sport Watch for demonstrating the best balance using the XLNTbrain Sport™ Balance Test while attending the National Athletic Trainer’s Association annual convention in St. Louis, June 23-26, 2015.

More than 100 people participated in the informal contest, which gave an example of how the XLNTbrain Mobile App and Sideline Assessment Tool is used in a typical post-injury concussion test scenario. By holding the smartphone and following simple instructions, the device records movement and provides data that is automatically logged and included in its risk assessment. The XLNTbrain Sport Balance Test was created by neurologist, and co-founder Harry Kerasidis, MD.

“The accelerometer in today’s smartphones are extremely accurate,” said Dr. Kerasidis who has treated thousands of concussions in 25 years. “There’s no way to ‘fake’ being able stand still, so it’s a good tool to use during the game situations, where the athlete wants to return to the game."

According to Sara, many times athletic trainers turn to very practical, even rudimentary methods to detect concussion risk. “So, a tool like XLNTbrain really takes the subjectivity out of the decision, and clearly lays out the facts for the training staff, coaches, or medical personnel to work with,” she said.

Dr. Kerasidis warned that many times concussion symptoms take several minutes to be experienced. “The Balance Test, along with the other assessment tools, should be repeated if symptoms of concussion appear later under a watchful eye. My biggest fear is returning concussed athletes to gameplay too early.”