Book Review: "Wealth of Material" for "Budding 'Concussionologists' "

By Dr. Alan Ashare
Board of Directors, USA Hockey
Physician Advisor, Brain in Play International

Cognitive neurologist Harry Kerasidis has presented a full, all inclusive approach to the management of sports related concussions, as well a program for brain health, in his book "Concussionology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management For All Levels."

Dr. Kerasidis, also called the Brain Doctor, a well deserved title for the time and efforts he has put forth in developing his concussion management programs, leads us through the basics of brain anatomy and function and what happens when a "brain sprain" occurs. Citing scientific studies, Dr. Kerasidis presents data for the management of concussions, debunking some of the myths that have accumulated over the past fifty years. He has suggested some basics ideas on the handling of concussions, as well as improving the concussed athlete's chances for returning to participation in sports, as well as everyday life, with a well functioning brain.

While Dr. Kerasidis program refers to sports concussions, brain trauma and cognitive impairment occurs in non-athletes as well, and his program for rehabilitation and recovery can be applied to these individuals. His book cites many references and websites for the reader to examine each topic and question in depth.

This book will provide experts as well as budding "concussionologists" with a wealth of material.


Dr. Alan Ashare has been an advocate for safety in sports for over three decades. Starting the "Head Up, Don't Duck" Program in ice hockey in 1995 to decrease the risk for catastrophic paralyzingly neck injuries. He serves on the Board of Directors of USA Hockey and is active in sports medicine committees for Massachusetts high schools and the Massachusetts Medical Society. He is active in helping to develop standards for sports safety equipment with the American Society for Testing and Materials, and has organized multiple ASTM international conferences on sports safety. He is a coauthor with Bill and Katharine White of the book "Winning the War Against Concussions in Youth Sports."

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