Brief Memo to the NFL: “Advanced Sideline Technologies” Exist, Try XLNTbrain Mobile App FREE

From — Harry Kerasidis, MD

A NFL spokesperson recently stated in a response to PBS’ Frontline television series, “We (NFL) are dedicated to making football safer and continue to take steps to protect players, including … advanced sideline technology.”

The good news for the NFL, and all other sports teams and leagues around the world, is that “advanced sideline technologies” are here and successfully used to help protect athletes from the serious consequences of concussion injury.

The most comprehensive, fully integrated, and yet simple to implement is from, and includes an objective balance test to be used on the sidelines to help detect the risk of concussion.

Although the balance test is incorporated with the entire subscription-based platform, guests may download the XLNTbrain Mobile-App onto their smartphones and access the balance test for FREE.

The XLNTbrain Sport™ deployment in the pilot program for the Michigan High School Athletic Association program has been hugely successful in detecting and reporting concussion injury on the sideline and assisting athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals in the decision making process in returning athletes to normal activity and gameplay by providing real time information about the athletes' concussion related symptoms and brain performance throughout the post injury process.

While there are numerous “concussion” apps on the market, no other is fully integrated for medical personnel, coaches, and athletes to include concussion awareness education, baseline testing, the balance and other sideline assessment measures, a recovery protocol with symptom monitoring — all Electronic Health Record (EHR-friendly).

It’s all packaged seamlessly, into one system that can be used to test athletes, and to monitor their progress, regardless of location. Third party data such as accelerometer sensor data can easily be imported into the XLNTbrain Sport program. The data collected gives team physicians and athletic trainers a more organized and integrated data platform to review before releasing the athlete back to gameplay.

After reviewing the NFL’s concussion protocols, I believe there are advantages to using the XLNTbrain online and mobile-based concussion program. I appreciate the NFL’s dedication to player safety and advanced sideline technologies.

This memo serves as an offer from me to meet with key NFL officials and review the available advanced concussion sideline technology available today. Or they could grab a copy my new book, “Concussionology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management for All Levels.”

I hope the NFL will “get the memo” and this offer to help.