Colleague Lays Out Strategy for “War Against Concussions”

By Harry Kerasidis, MD

Concussions is one war that crosses all cultures, boundaries — and sports. It’s a cause with the battles being fought in the trenches of awareness and education, targeting a sports culture bred over centuries. We’ve come a long way, but have a long way to go. So, we have to join forces with those who are passionate about leading people to the right answers.

A perfect example is the battle cry and war plan I heartedly endorse “Winning the War Against Concussions in Youth Sports — Brain & Life Saving Solutions For Preventing & Healing Youth Sports Head Injuries,” by William White, MSN, Alan Ashare, MD, Katherine White, MSN. Paperback and Kindle versions are available.

The book also suggests a brain wellness program to help prevent and heal concussive injuries by improving the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. It’s called BE CHAMPS 24/7 and includes an honor code that prevents youth from playing ‘head hurt.’

The authors, all highly respected in their fields, provide an excellent overview of the problem facing youth sports along with a plan of attack.

  • Bill White, MSN is a clinician-scientist and President of Brain In Play International and Brain In Play Nonprofit Foundation, companies dedicated to preventing and healing sports related concussive brain injuries, and brain diseases of aging. For 20 years Bill served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer at Brown University Medical School affiliated Bradley Hospital, the nation’s first brain/behavioral health hospital for youth under 21. During this time he coached 3 youth contact sports, was president of a youth sports league, taught at medical and nursing schools, and parented 5 high school athletes - one who suffered a post concussive syndrome lasting several years. A member of the American Academy of Neurology, Bill co-originated Brain Performance Enhancementˢᵐ - a patent pending brain wellness system based on Nobel Prize research tenets, from which Brain Performance Enhancement for Youth Fast-Track (BE CHAMPS-24/7) was excerpted. He is married to co-author Katharine White.

  • Alan Ashare, MD is Brain In Play’s Medical Director and a global youth sports head injury physician safety advocate with 3 decades of experience in the prevention and safety management of youth sports. He originated Heads Up, Don’t Duck in the mid-90s (adapted by all sports youth-pros) and in 2014 released the The Mechanism of Concussion in Sports as 1st editor. Alan organized many national/international sports head injury conferences and chairs the Massachusetts (MA) interscholastic high school medical oversight committee and MA Medical Society Student Health/Sports Medicine Committee. Dr. Ashare is Chief of Nuclear Medicine St. Elizabeth Hospital and Professor at Tufts Medical School. ‘Doc’ has served over 20 years as Team Physician for USA Hockey Juniors in World Championship Play. He is President of the Hockey Equipment Certification Council, Director Emeritus of USA Hockey, Chairs USA Hockey’s Safety/Protective Equipment Committee and directs the ASTM F08.51 Subcommittee on Medical Aspects/Biomechanics. A father of 4 high school athletes and grandfather to 4 more, Doc played college football and served in the Air Force as a Medical Officer.

  • Katharine B. White, MSN is a clinician scientist and CEO of Brain In Play International/Brain In Play Nonprofit Foundation with 3 decades of executive healthcare experience. An advanced practice nurse board certified in brain/behavioral health, she is a former hospital Chief Nursing Officer and SVP of Quality at the nation’s first horizontally integrated home health agency. Katharine is a serial entrepreneur and founding member of Coachville®, implementing the inaugural internal coach department in a JCAHO accredited home health company. In 2007 she originated Healthcare Values-Patient Safety First, a quality management system unveiled at the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Association’s Annual Meeting, which was awarded a master learning designation. She is a past medical-nursing school faculty and psychotherapist, who served on the boards of and consulted with many national healthcare organizations. With author Bill White (with whom she parented 5 high-school athletes), she developed Brain Performance Enhancement and other fast-track neuroepigenetic brain wellness systems that help prevent/heal sports related head injuries and diseases of aging.


Maryland-based Harry Kerasidis, M.D. is one of only a few neurologists in the world specializing in sports concussions. He co-founded XLNTbrain LLC after 25 years studying the the brain and treating thousands of concussions. Today, numerous sports leagues, state high school athletic associations and various urgent care clinics are using his protocols. Dr. Kerasidis contributes regularly to, Athletic Business,,, and Dr. Oz's His new book, “Concussionology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management For All Levels” published September 2015, Author House.