Everyone Should Know a Little “Concussionology”

COMING SOON -- New book by Dr. Harry Kerasidis --

The XLNTbrain Xpress announces the new book, “Concussionology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management” authored by Harry Keradisis, MD is coming to amazon.com soon!

Dr. Kerasidis explains a new field of medicine is emerging because of the heightened awareness, and high incidence rates, of concussions. This has revealed a startling void of knowledge, relevant information and protocols for the general public, as well as athletic training and medical personnel to follow.

“My new book Concussionology provides a well-rounded understanding of the concussion injury and how to manage them,” said Dr. Kerasidis, who created his own protocol and tools based on his 25 years practicing neurology and treating thousands of concussions. “I think everyone should know a little Concussionology. At a minimum, I hope readers gain greater respect for their brain, and take steps to enjoy and benefit from all sports have to offer.”

In Concussionology, Dr. Kerasidis shares his own experience having a concussion, which led him into studying neurology and now impacting the lives of thousands, maybe millions of people around the world with his work.

“Concussions became very personal after my head met my friend’s hip on an opening kick-off in which I tried to tackle him at full speed,” he said. “My concussion education started that day, unfortunately, with amnesia which gave my friends and family a few laughs. But later I learned how serious concussions could be.”

The new book, published by Author House, a division of Random/Penguin House, outlines the concussion injury and how to manage them to support the medical professional community, but also for any parent or coach with children in sports.

“I wanted to give neurologists, athletic trainers — even ER doctors — what I believe are keys to understanding and treating the concussion injury. But I also give all the athletes, parents and youth coaches a helpful resource too.”

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