New Tool That Increases Reported Concussions -- A Good Thing?

Since adopting XLNTbrain Sport™, St. Mary’s College of Maryland has seen an increase in reported concussions -- and that’s a good thing. According to assistant athletic trainer Stephanie Guzzo, the increase in reported concussions demonstrates the effectiveness of the concussion management tool.

Guzzo said the overall number of concussions probably did not increase from last season, but the number of “reported concussions” definitely did. She attributes this to the concussion education that took place prior to the seasons kicking off, which features video education activity and test provided by XLNTbrain Sport™.

“The coaches and players all have a new level of awareness and appreciation for the head injury,” Guzzo said, who manages 350 athletes in 17 varsity sports. “The culture has started to change. At one time, we had two players actually come up to the coach to let him know they weren’t feeling right. The coach sent them to me, and we gave them the concussion testing. In years past, I would never have had that happen.”

Guzzo also said, however, more education is still needed. Parents, doctors, even some neurologists still need more education about concussions. In one case this year, she said a concussed athlete’s parent took him to see a neurologist who did not conclude he had a concussion.

White House Concussion Research “Not Helping Now”

While the White House announced millions of dollars will be spent with the various organizations to research concussions, Guzzo said it’s not helping the situation currently played out on a daily basis.

“The White House announcement will certainly help down the road, but right now athletic trainers need to know about tools like XLNTbrain that’s available now,” Guzzo said. “Hopefully, the research will help educate the public about what athletic trainers do, and that in many cases, we know more about concussions that many physicians and pediatricians.”

According to Guzzo, without an athletic trainer, sports organizations need better education, better protocols and a total program to manage concussions. “All of which XLNTbrain does. I would not use anything else. It’s the best product out there and unfortunately many of my colleagues are stuck on using Impact, or have stopped using it altogether.”

Managing Multiple Concussions

XLNTbrain’s concussion management tool has helped her assess, monitor and report progress of concussed athletes much easier than ever before. During the middle of the lacrosse season, during the span of about a week, the team had seven athletes report concussions, giving Guzzo a concussion management challenge; several athletes, several symptoms in different phases of the recovery process.

She said XLNTbrain simplified her job of tracking everyone’s symptoms daily and helping determine when they were ready to return to action.

“It was so easy to care of those guys during that time,” Guzzo said. “They would check in and I could quickly figure out what was going with their status, where they were at in the healing process. It took a lot of stress off me, and with one click all the data was right there.”

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