The Sports Quotient: Exclusive Interview with Concussion Neurologist Dr. Harry Kerasidis

Published January 12, 2016 by The Sports Quotient By Gaurav Shastri

Concussions are an insanely hot topic in the world of sports, at all levels of the game. It’s even come to light in general pop-culture with the release of the new film, Concussion. The most important thing about concussions though, is education. At the forefront of concussion research is Dr. Harry G. Kerasidis, renowned neurologist and co-founder of XLNTbrain LLC, a sports concussion management program for teams and players in all sports, at all levels. I interviewed Dr. Kerasidis on his background in neuroscience, the biology of concussions, and his thoughts on the NFL.

GAURAV SHASTRI: How did you get into neuroscience and concussion analysis?

DR. HARRY G. KERASIDIS: I had always been interested in science. Never played organized football myself, but I played a lot of pickup football as a kid. Once, when I was in college, I was playing street football with my friends and actually sustained my own concussion. The experience of having my brain not working properly alerted me to interesting aspects of the brain and consciousness. And that led me to pursue neuroscience and become a physician.

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