“Will Smith’s Best…” Says Keith Willis, Former NFL’er; Now Moving Men

By XLNTbrain Team

Keith Willis, former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, said today the movie Concussion is “Will Smith’s best performance.” Willis wanted to see the movie because of his own personal experiences with the mild traumatic brain injury, and how its affecting the lives of millions of people associated with sports.

“We are a generation becoming aware of the problem, and now seeing the effects on players’ lives 20 years later,” Willis said, now operating the MOSS Movement. “I thought the movie really brought the truth to the forefront, and was factual, and will help create awareness to the topic.”

According to the book Concussion-ology, these effects of brain injury include symptoms and other signs that could be a pre-cursor to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) — however more research is needed to verify this suggestion. The more obvious symptoms are behavioral due to emotional mood swings, anxiety and depression, which can result is marital, among other relational difficulties. Neuro-cognitive symptoms can arise as well, related to memory, speech, and impulse control.

Based on extensive experience treating these symptoms from concussions, as well as the latest in concussion science, neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD created the full spectrum of tests, tools and recovery protocols for athletic and clinical settings — now known as XLNTbrain Sport™.

Through a single online platform, XLNTbrain delivers the latest in:

  • Education — Using video training and quiz to verify completion.
  • Advanced concussion baseline testing — Adding balance and emotional measures to the standard neuro-cognitive test.
  • Mobile app — For sideline assessments, including a balance measure that is impossible to cheat.
  • Recovery protocol — Following best practices for a progressive exertion plan that can be monitored by medical personnel.
  • Symptom tracking — During the recovery period, XLNTbrain helps monitor the symptoms.
  • Automated reporting — System will collect and email reports at any frequency, helping medical personnel with the return-to-play clearance.

Based in Largo, Maryland, Willis is leading the MOSS Movement, a non-profit organization providing active and retired athletes with resources to battle the difficulties following their playing days related to:

  • Anger management
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Domestic violence
  • Other problems off the field

“MOSS stands for men of surrender and service,” said Willis, who most notable achievement in college is holding the tight-end record for the longest catch at 87 yards while he played at Virginia Tech University. “It takes a man to surrender, but when he does, positive changes can begin to take place.”

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