Michigan Co-Sponsor Idea To Deliver ROI

Marketing executives from the healthcare world seeking patients and positive public awareness, should be drooling when they hear what Steve Lewis, CEO of XLNTbrain just laid out on the wire here.

In a nutshell, there are 10,000 athletes from the Michigan High School Athletic Association who are using the XLNTbrain Sportâ„¢ concussion protocols this season. Lewis has supplied the service in exchange so a co-sponsor can step-in and establish itself as leading the concussion care movement, while picking up new prospective new patients. Ideally, the co-sponsor could be integrated into the XLNTbrain system as well, allowing for a natural customer acquisition flow.

I've been evaluating sponsorships for years, and have been on the inside of these discussions -- even with the "super star agent."

Sponsors want recognition, and new customers. It's pretty simple, really. What's ridiculous, to me, is how much they are willing to spend for so little return on the investment (ROI).

In stark, and wonderful contrast, Lewis has identified a sponsorship package with literally the best bang for the buck that I've ever seen. The ROI will be through the roof, and the branding opportunity is off the charts.

If I were a marketing executive for a healthcare provider, sports therapy clinic, urgent care clinic, pharmacy, insurance company, I'd be sharpening my pencil and jumping on this train.

The concussion industry is burgeoning with opportunity to help a lot of people. I applaud what Steve is offering, and hope the message gets to the right people.

You see, the Michigan deal is only the start. XLNTbrain is already in discussions with other state high school athletic associations to help integrate the advanced, yet highly simplified, XLNTbrain Sport into their system.

So, a national insurance company with state-wide (or all-state, ahem) offices would makes sense...Financially speaking, urgent care clinics would add a new revenue stream...national pharmacy could bring concussion care to the masses, gaining more loyal customers ... sports therapy clinics would gain a slew of new clients...Just imagine the possibilities.

The question is, who will see the major opportunity first?


By David Jahr, award-winning marketing and public relations professional with three New York Times best-sellers, and XLNTbrain advisor.